What we do


ABI delivers the highest construction quality and competitive pricing. The earlier we become involved in the process, the greater our impact on design, cost, schedule, and quality. By utilizing our expertise during the early planning and design phases, we institute methods that save time, money and stress. The client is assured control and a headache free process that make us the company to choose when planning and building your projects.

We offer our clients a total array of construction-related services that extend far beyond traditional methods. While services vary from project to project, typical services include all phases of construction. Contact us today for more information.

Our Process

The ABI Team Build process (ATB) offers the owner:

A well organized and planned project is efficient and streamlined. All design and construction professionals involved in the project are allowed to maximize their efficiency in a well controlled and organized environment. The result is the highest level of quality possible, at the lowest cost.
We provide a single source of responsibility for the design and construction elements of the process. This, coupled with ABI’s strong team approach, is guaranteed to save time and money, and eliminate surprises, while maintaining the highest level of quality and accountability.
The ATB construction process brings team members together from project inception. The owner, architect/designer, engineers, and major subcontractors are assembled early, with ABI coordinating the entire process.

By utilizing both the technical and practical expertise of these professionals from the onset, a complete and well-planned project is developed.

Involving the contractor in the conceptual design phase of the project controls project costs. The scope of the work and the guaranteed maximum price can be established — and refined, as necessary — in order to accomplish the client’s physical and budgetary requirements.

ATB also helps to keep fees to a minimum. Contractor fees are established and guaranteed early in the project. Architectural and engineering fees are then kept to a minimum due to a focused and well-defined requirement. Redesign efforts are nearly eliminated as a result of budget and project scope controls, which have evolved from the project’s onset. Construction drawing conflicts, omissions, and interpretation differences are thus eliminated.

Valuable time is saved using the ATB approach. The time savings come primarily from expediting or fast-tracking the project from design through construction. Construction can begin before the design is complete due to the team’s ability to streamline the design of the essential elements.
The architectural/design drawing phase is reduced as a result of the contractor’s participation in the budgeting and scope definition of the project.