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ABI Companies and DeSimone Construction Drive Success with Auto Lenders' Debut in the Southeast - Palm Harbor, Florida

Palm Harbor, Florida – ABI Companies, in collaboration with our esteemed partner DeSimone Construction, proudly announces the successful completion of the very first Auto Lenders location in the Southeastern United States. Auto Lenders, renowned as New Jersey's leading pre-owned car dealership, has now extended its footprint to the Sunshine State, thanks to our dedicated teamwork. This remarkable achievement was not without its unique challenges and opportunities. Let's take a closer look at what made this project a standout success:

Exceeding Expectations:

• Despite extensive changes in the project's scope, our team was unwavering in its commitment to deliver. We not only met the opening date but exceeded the client's expectations.

Adaptability and Unpredictability:

• What set us apart in this endeavor was our remarkable adaptability in the face of ever-changing project requirements.

• Unforeseen updates to the facility were essential to ensure compliance with local building codes.

Overcoming Challenges:

• One significant hurdle was the complete revamp of the existing fire alarm system, crucial to maintaining safety and adherence to stringent codes.

As we reflect on this project, it's clear that ABI Companies' unwavering dedication, adaptability, and commitment to excellence made the Auto Lenders' debut in the Southeast an outstanding success. We're proud to have played a vital role in this venture, ensuring the dealership's smooth entry into a new market.

The first Auto Lenders location in the Southeast is now open for business, ready to provide top-quality pre-owned vehicles to its customers. ABI Companies is honored to have been part of this milestone and looks forward to many more successful projects in the future.

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