Human beings have been constructing buildings, cities and everything a city can possibly consist of since 2600BC, so it’s safe to say that construction has been around for a while and will still be around for as long as civilization continues to grow. As with anything, methods people use for certain things develop over time, and currently, many methods and aspects of construction – planning, land surveying and data capturing to name a few – are becoming increasingly outdated and are being taken over by UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones.

The construction industry is in love with drones. This is all thanks to the time, money and hard labour being saved by commercial drones being used instead of the “normal” way of doing things. For builders, an aerial view made possible with a drone allows them to better develop work plans, track progress and monitor and check for problems along the way. Drones are, after all, cheaper than flying manned aircraft.

ABI Companies, Inc. has their own in house pilots and offers Drone Services to our Clients at no additional cost.  Actually, using drones ultimately saves times and money so we insist (air space approval permitting) on taking shots during the entire process. Creative World - Drone at 250ALT