Tuesday morning’s loud clangs and the whine of power tools made it obvious that the Centre Club in Westshore is a construction zone. Signs posted by general contractor ABI Construction made it official.
The 14,000-square-foot private business and social club — founded in 1984 — began demolition work as part of a $1.8 million “reinvention” program, which includes a major renovation.

Centre Club, one of more than 200 properties owned and operated by Dallas-based ClubCorp, is closed this week, and will reopen on July 13 with some modest reconfigurations of the space.

Centre Club General Manager Tim Jarrett said that ABI was in part chosen because it has a membership at the club. “Why not select a company that has an emotional attachment to the place?” he said. “They’re going to see the results of their work on a regular basis after it’s done.”

img2003“We feel a strong kinship with the project,” ABI owner Hank Booth said. “The club has great people. Given our relationship and that we’re providing a service, we do back flips and give extra TLC to make sure it goes right.”
That includes managing a diminished workforce. Three laborers dismantled pieces of the Centre Club on Tuesday, short of a full crew.

“Construction is extremely busy right now in our market,” Booth said. “During the

[economic] downturn, a lot of people in our industry lost jobs and, with no other jobs available, had to leave the construction workforce. Now that business is back, we have a much smaller resource to draw from. It’s very difficult to find good people. It’s not just us. It’s an industry-wide problem”

Neither the GC nor club management expects workforce issues to delay projects completion, slated for mid-October.