ABI Gives Back – OMC Organization Renovation

ABI was honored to take part in the renovation of a facility called “Loft 181”.  This is part of a world-wide charitable organization called “One More Child” led by Dr. Jerry Haag and his wife, Christi. This Christian organization was founded in 1904 in the name of Florida Baptist Orphanage and has, since; been re-branded [...]


Always Doing the Right Thing Is What Drives Customer Satisfaction and Employee Retention at ABI Companies

Hank Booth, President and CEO of ABI Companies, Inc. A strong foundation is key in construction - that’s why President & CEO of ABI Companies, Inc. Hank Booth built his company on a foundation of unmatched customer experiences.  After years spent on the owner-side of the industry, he learned that the voice of [...]


T-Mobile Calls in ABI to Complete the Construction of Their NetPark Headquarters Location

With nearly 25 years of experience transforming spaces within the walls of NetPark, ABI knocks it out of the park once more with the new T-Mobile call center headquarters. ABI completes the Central Florida call center headquarters for T-Mobile, one of the nation’s largest wireless networks. The new offices feature a modern design with open, collaborative [...]


ABI Completes Highly Specialized Project in Central Florida for Large Fortune 100 Company

With over 1,000 years of cumulative project management experience on its staff, ABI wins out over other bidders for a highly specialized construction project in Central Florida. A locally headquartered Fortune 100 company selected ABI to construct their new radiation testing facility. Construction of the building required 2,430 tons of concrete and gargantuan 6’ footings. [...]