Hank Booth, President and CEO of ABI Companies, Inc.

A strong foundation is key in construction – that’s why President & CEO of ABI Companies, Inc. Hank Booth built his company on a foundation of unmatched customer experiences. 

After years spent on the owner-side of the industry, he learned that the voice of the customer is an often-unheard afterthought. Amid Booth’s frustration with an industry-wide mentality centered on what one could get from a contractor versus what one actually needed, ABI was born in 1985 with an emphasis on delivering customer-centric solutions. 

While ABI originally focused on becoming the best interior contractor in Tampa Bay, their reputation has enabled an expansion of their reach to ground-up construction and high-end commercial projects. This success is a product of two things integral to what Booth calls his “secret sauce” for business: consistently putting the client first and working with people who believe in the same things you do.

Over three decades of experience in construction has taught President & CEO of ABI Companies, Inc. Hank Booth a few things about business — namely, how to set himself apart from the crowd by always doing the right thing.

In this two-ingredient formula for success, the first, most critical, component is customer satisfaction. “We gauge what we do by what’s right,” says Booth. “We honor our commitments, tell the truth, and make things happen.” Built on a foundation of giving customers 110%, ABI Companies has a 36-year track-record of going above and beyond for its clients. 

The second ingredient is the driving force for Booth’s success: his team. “We train and mold our employees based on their passions,” says Booth, whose hiring process assesses not only abilities, but mindsets. In addition to finding the best people, he stresses the importance of allowing them the freedom to be the best people: as a result, the ABI staff roster boasts an average 10-year tenure with the company, which facilitates their ability to raise the bar in customer experiences. 

In a landscape rife with companies focused on the bottom line, Booth’s philosophy is to focus instead on doing the right thing. “If you worry about money, you’ll never find it,” says Booth, who regards this as the golden rule for ABI Companies. When you conduct business with honesty, integrity and service, “The rest,” he says, “just comes naturally.”

ABI Companies, Inc. is dedicated to a customer-first approach to business. We are a full-service contracting firm with construction solutions optimized for your specific needs. Contact us today to experience the ABI difference for yourself!