ABI Construction has just finished development of its new Performance Evaluation Web Portal. All ABI Projects undergo a rigorous process of constant reviewing of on site needs and issues. One of those many quality control features are performance evaluations during the life of a project. These evaluations serve as a constant reminder to management and staff at the quality control expected for our clients.

“Out with the old, in with the new”

What was once an old, archaic paper method of printing, filling, manually calculating forms, filing, retrieving has now been upgraded. Today it’s a completely paperless process that provides lightning fast tools to fill, save, view and review performance evaluations for quality control. This automation and increased curve efficient technology behavior not just saves time (money), but will also bring to light the actual performance levels of ABI staff and personnel.

The same technology that makes this portal work is deployed with Amazon as they have a system that tracks time, labor, efficiency, production and many more supply chain data points. They have even evolved their systems to track and request firing employees who score low to Amazon’s standard (read article).

Quickly Generates Performance Scores

This level of quality control is one of many new technology shifts that ABI is implementing on behalf of all it’s clients and will deliver the best in industry construction standards and procedures.