With nearly 25 years of experience transforming spaces within the walls of NetPark, ABI knocks it out of the park once more with the new T-Mobile call center headquarters.

ABI completes the Central Florida call center headquarters for T-Mobile, one of the nation’s largest wireless networks. The new offices feature a modern design with open, collaborative workspaces and employee amenities including a theater, game room, foot massage parlor, outdoor eating area, and more, all housed in the 140,000 square-foot facilities. 

ABI was selected by T-Mobile as the General Contractor due to ABI’s commitment to finish the project on time and within budget, along with their knowledge and experience of working at NetPark Tampa Bay. ABI managed every aspect of the construction process including detailed project planning, vendor management, quality assurance, and more. ABI’s tried and true process has been able to eliminate surprises throughout the project and resulted in a completed facility that exceeded the expectations of the client. 

T-Mobile’s brand new facility is located in NetPark, the first and only converted mall in the nation. Previously known as East Lake Square Mall, the nearly 1 million square foot mall is the only retail hub in the U.S to be sustainably converted purely to office space. ABI’s team of dedicated project managers have played a large role in the conversion of NetPark, having managed a number of construction projects in this space for nearly 25 years.  

“This was a particularly exciting project to work on,” said Don Pedretty, Senior Project Manager at ABI. “I have personally overseen various construction projects at NetPark throughout the past 25 years, and it has been incredible to witness this space transform over time. The various amenities and outdoor spaces in this T-Mobile facility were so rewarding to bring to life, and having the opportunity to work at NetPark again has been such a pleasure.”

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