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Team Coordination
Establish and maintain a communications system between all team members throughout the course of the project.

Schedule Management
Establish a realistic project schedule and then “Manage the project to the schedule,” versus “Managing the schedule to the project.”

Budget Refinement and/or Continual Budget Re-analysis
Direct and maintain a constant process for evaluation of cost versus design and cost versus budget.

General Construction
Secure the services of qualified subcontractors, and then manage the construction process through to project completion. Additionally, hold all state required licenses and insurances required to perform construction.

Construction Supervision
Oversee all elements of the construction process in order to circumvent any potential obstacles that may affect project goals.

FF&E Procurement
Assist the client in establishing specific furniture or equipment requirements and determine the necessary methods to acquire those items.

Many of our services are managed via ABI's web-based technology software system, allowing clients and/or their Project Managers to monitor the on-going progress of a project in real time.

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